Birth and Rebirth...

Located in the heart of the Luberon Regional Nature Park, almost all the Domaine Marsaleix’s vineyards are in the district of the very famous village of Gordes, known worldwide…

Between the Luberon Mountains to the south and the Vaucluse Mountains to the north, the Domaine Marsaleix vineyards benefit from the rich soil of the alluvial plain of the Calavon, a tributary of the Durance. The land here is perfectly suited to winegrowing: its splinters of limestone provide good drainage, its clay holds excellent water reserves for the vines and its sand optimises aeration. 

Domaine Marsaleix has occupied 11 hectares of organic land since 2013 and its vines are cultivated with an eye to nature conservation…

The wines of Domaine Marsaleix have Ventoux Protected Designation of Origin, are certified organic and are grown on conserved land of exceptional biodiversity. The smooth red wine is rich in nose (red fruit, spices, liquorice, etc.), the fresh rosé has a lingering flavour with notes of cherry and raspberry, and the white suggests acacia and citrus.

Red Wine

The robe of this Ventoux is an intense red with bright purplish-blue highlights. Its nose is a harmonious bouquet of red fruit and spices. Savour its violet, cherry and strawberry notes, perfectly enhanced by silky tannins. A long, delicious finish.

70% Syrah, 20% Carignan and 10% Grenache.

Rosé Wine

This Ventoux has a pale pink robe with a silvery sheen. It is lively and has an expressive nose. On the palate, it reveals notes of white currant, white peach and citrus. A delicious, persistent finish.

50% Grenache and 50% Cinsault

White Wine

On the palate, this white Ventoux reveals subtle notes of acacia and citrus. A blend of clairette and roussanne, it is matured for six months in casks. A pure, frank, lasting finish. Freshness and pleasure.

40% Roussanne and 60% Clairette

 “Make a dream of your life and a reality of your dream.”

Joël MARSALEIX, passionate about wine and nature from the outset, dreamt of expressing that passion on a daily basis.

In order to underline his commitment to organic winegrowing, he chose to make the Domaine’s emblem the Phoenix, that mythical bird whose perpetual rebirth symbolises nature, resurrected each year to shower us with its greatest blessings.

“Astonishing land”

In 2012, a special fondness for the Luberon region led that reality to take shape. Joël Marsaleix trained at the University of Wines at Suze-la-Rousse and then immediately discovered the land that now forms the Domaine. It inspired him with a special emotion he felt nowhere else. The astonishing property nestling in a verdant setting was surrounded by woods, offering perfect natural protection and an ecosystem he was determined to conserve.

“Organic growing, a state of mind”

He faced a great challenge: to do better, more ethically and in close harmony with the elements, as it should be! The first major task was to clear the vines (covering no less than 40% of the cultivated area). Then a great deal of work was needed to enrich the soil and then replant in 2013 to begin organic growing immediately. Six years later, Domaine Marsaleix is now run in full compliance with that approach, as well as the lunar cycle.

“Wines to experience and share”

The wines produced by Domaine Marsaleix reflect the culture and richness of the remarkable region between Luberon and Ventoux, where life is good. Generous, fruity wines, they are characterised by a skilful balance of freshness and elegance. The Ventoux red, white or rosé, all grown organically with respect for nature, will charm those who, like us, are keen to defend values vital to the protection of our heritage.

Find out our news and come to taste our wines at the cellars.

On the Gordes road, we will be delighted to welcome you to our cellars and introduce you to our red, white and rosé Ventoux wines. Taste them and enjoy the friendly visit below the Luberon range. You can order by phone +33 4 90 75 52 47 

ACTU - Mai 2019
« Le Monde des Vins  »

Our 2018 Ventoux white is causing interest...

“It spontaneously attracts our attention and our taste buds. The wine delivers a very specific message that unfolds clearly, so pure, frank and lasting is its material. Its blend of clairette and roussanne matured for six months in casks is certified organic. A bonus."

Le Monde, 24 May 2019

ACTU - Juillet 2019
“Pascal and Nathalie have chosen Domaine Marsaleix”

Our wines are travelling to Paris!

“Domaine Marsaleix reflects everything we love in Ventoux: body, soul, fruit, sun and the balance of a perfect blend. For a first harvest, a great success!”

L’épicerie fine rive gauche - 8, rue du champ de mars - 75007 Paris

ACTU - Juin 2020
White and Red... a success right from the start!

The wines of Domaine Marsaleix win the silver medal!

"Our efforts are rewarded with a silver medal for our 2018 vintages in Ventoux Red and Ventoux White! A recognition that we wish to share with you"

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